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High Quality Organic TikTok Growth

Our team helps you by manually engaging with your most ideal followers and audience. Grow your TikTok and get real, organic followers through our cutting edge growth service.

Target your audience

Find the perfect prospective followers by targeting by usernname, location, and hashtags. Attract people who actually care about your TikTok content.

Auto-engage with your audiences

TokUpgrade will like posts of people who follow profiles similar to yours on your behalf. Just provide relevant profiles to get the maximum exposure. Without fake followers!

Grow real followers

Watch how our powerful service works, skyrocketing your fanbase with real, targeted followers. As long as you post quality content frequently, success is almost guaranteed!


Understanding How TokUpgrade Works

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Auto follow/unfollow

By far the most powerful method of growing your TikTok, following other accounts creates curiosity from your prospects which in turn brings them back to your account. Since we target very specific people, your content will be a good match for them and they have a high chance of following you back.

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Auto like

While not as powerful as following, liking content is a proven strategy to get more TikTok growth because your profile will be in your target followers notifications. Have good content and a quality profile for best chance at getting a follow/engagement back.

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Auto comment/DM

Carefully thought out comments can supercharge your TikTok growth. Not only are you directly engaging with your prospective audience, but you're starting a conversation that generates reciprocity in your targets.

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Engagement boost

Need a little more reach? Engagement boost is an additional feature that we offer to increase your reach on average of 300%. Using our network of accounts we custom tailor the engagement to accounts that have the highest chance at following and engaging back.

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Need to steer clear of following your competition? Don't want to unfollow specific accounts? Whitlisitng and blacklisting accounts can help you do just that. It's very easy to use and understand.

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Grow Your Tiktok with Advanced Targeting Techniques


List your competitors, target usernames, and influencers in your niche, Their followers will like your page too!

Advanced Targeting

Target users in your ideal demographic based on similar accounts, hashtags, or target locations.


Import all of your existing followings to a whitelist where they are safe from being unfollowed.


Blacklist specific accounts, keywords, hashtags or languages to avoid engaging with unwanted accounts.

Account Manager

Experience the unfair advantage and superior support of having your own dedicated account manager.

100% Safe

We are not a TikTok bot – so have the peace of mind knowing that your account is safe and that your information is secure.


Reach 300% More TikTokkers That Turn Into Followers

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The Why Behind TikTok Growth

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TikTok has about 1 billion monthly active users

With so many people using the platform on a daily basis, having your personal brand or business taking advantage of the reach TikTok provides you is a non-negotiable foundation for any marketing plan that wants rapid growth.

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The TikTok app has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times worldwide

Having a truly international audience in today's digital world is a great way to scale your business, whether you're selling your own products or services, or if you're partnering up with other high quality brands to help sell theirs.

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Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform

With a pretty equal spread of gender demographics, TikTok proves that their user base has the potential to help you spread your message, not only across the world, but to the specific gender you're targeting.

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83% of TikTok users have posted a video

The more time users spend on the TikTok platform, the more time they'll potentially be in front of your content. More followers equals more engagement, which equals sponsorships and product sales .

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60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers

TikTok is one of the top (and misunderstood) marketplaces to sell your goods. Done right, your personal brand or business has the potential to absolutely explode your revenue and make tons of money while connecting with new shoppers.

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TikTok is estimated to pull in $500 Million in revenue from the U.S. alone in 2021

Grab your FREE 3 days trial and start growing your TikTok right now.

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TikTok is now available in 154 countries worldwide

Stories allow you to market your business in a way that showcases who you are, your values, and it allows you to reach people in a way that was never previously available.

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A top trending song is typically a top trending song Spotify

TikTok is such a great way to get traffic to your website. Done right, you can not only get more followers to your TikTok, but you can drive the same high quality followers to your website, which in turn sells your product or services.

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The engagement on TikTok is incredible

While we think posting once per day is for losers, (sorry not sorry), this just shows that if you have a proper content strategy and post more than the average account, you can get above average results.

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.96% is the average engagement rate on a business post

TikTok is proven to have some of the highest engagement rates in the industry. Couple that with the shopping behavior of the users, and you set yourself up for a winning recipesa of making more money and selling more products or services.

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Take Advantage Of The Best TikTok Growth Tool In The World

No contracts. Cancel anytime. 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee


normally $99


normally $25


Save $50/mo

Save $10/mo

An affordable entry point for anyone looking to grow their TikTok account - unlock most featues and standard support!

  • Moderate Organic Growth
  • Essential Targeting Features
  • Standard Support
  • Speed Limit
  • Follow & Unfollow
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • User Targeting
  • Auto Blacklist
  • Custom Blacklist
  • Whitelist
  • Campaign Improvements
  • Story Viewing
  • Comment Liking
  • Location Targeting
  • Our Standard Plan is for those looking to get an introduction to our software. It will help you build a foundation of real followers who are genuinely interested in your content. It’s not our fastest solution but its a step in the right direction for those are looking to get their feet wet and are serious about growing their account.

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  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 903+ 5 Star Reviews on TrustPilot
  • 10,490+ Happy Users

You can upgrade or cancel the plan at any time.


What Clients Say About TokUpgrade

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Highly recommend

Kristofer Travis

Effective, easy to understand and can see real followers coming in! Highly recommend.

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Like it

John Davis

Was so easy to get started, signed up and got setup within a few hours now I'm watching my traffic grow.

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5 Stars!

Libbie OMG

5 stars! More fans and more fun! I love TikTok! #fyp #foryoupage



Frequently Asked Questions

Does TokUpgrade offer any sort of guarantee?

We will work our hardest to help increase your exposure and fanbase on TikTok, but because we help grow with real TikTok followers, we cannot guarantee you will gain followers.

What happens after I sign up with TokUpgrade?

Your dedicated account manager will reach out to you, to help setup your customized campaign to boost your TikTok followers.

How many followers should I expect when using TokUpgrade?

Generally our clients tend to see a growth of between 100+ targeted followers per month! These are REAL fans, who actually care about your content.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes – Because we pride ourselves in such a great service, we don’t feel the need to lock our customers in! We work on a cancel anytime basis.

Will TokUpgrade work for me?

Yes! – We work with any industry, or niche! Simply explain the type of users you wish to attract to your account manager, who will help setup your customized campaign. You can just focus on making great content and we will do the rest. Buy TikTok followers with our growth service today.

What opportunities can I get?

With a large following many opportunities will come your way, such as brand endorsements, fame, and ways for you to market your passion to your TikTok fans.

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