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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake TikTok Followers and What To Do Instead

TikTok is the go-to app of 2020 with many people wanting to become TikTok famous, or just increase the visibility of their brand and business. Buying followers seems like an easy option but if it was good for your account, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Here we breakdown why you shouldn’t buy TikTok followers and what you can do instead.

What is Tiktok: A Guide to the New Social Media App | One2create

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake TikTok Followers

Fake accounts for sale are relatively easy to spot, if you find a service selling them and they don’t ask you about any targeting or follower characteristics, you can be pretty sure they are selling you fake followers.

And if it seems too good to be true, it probably is and when you can buy a few thousand TikTok followers for less than your favourite frap, you may want to consider why.

The accounts you are buying aren’t real TikTok users, they are essentially vacant space that just serve to fill up your follower list. These fake followers will look good on your account when you first buy them, but after a few days you will see your number start to drop off.

This is because TikTok actively search their platform to shut these fake accounts down and buying fake followers can even get you banned from the platform entirely.

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Not only do these accounts eat up space on the platform, they can also damage your important ratio that govern TikTok’s algorithm that gets your content out there.

The important ratio is follower to engagement. If you load your account with fake TikTok followers, you damage this ratio as these accounts will not engage with your content. This will then stop TikTok showing your content to other users.

Fake followers are also easy to spot. Business and brands looking to sponsor influencers now have technology that will unearth fake followers in lists, which will put them off dealing with you.

Don’t worry though, there are ways to buy real TikTok followers and here we tell you how.

How To Buy Real TikTok Followers

When you are trying to grow your TikTok account, you want to make sure that you attract the right audience to your content. TikTok is very community orientated and whilst one group may love what you are creating, another group might not.

You want to make sure that you know what audience you are trying to attract so that you can build an effective strategy. One way you can do this is buy using a TikTok growth service.

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TikTok growth services are an excellent way of growing your following with real users that will engage with your content. You tell them what type of audience you want to attract, where they are located, and other important data points and they set to work growing your account. It really is a set it and leave it option that yields amazing results.

Growth services use the organic strategy, not only will it keep your account safe from the algorithm set by TikTok, which punishes accounts with fake followers, it will also grow your account consistently. You won’t see dramatic results straight away, but you will see results that grow on a daily basis with users that will like and want to engage with your content!

The more engagement you have on your content, the more TikTok will show it to other users who are exploring their feeds, so you can be sure that your content really is getting out there.

Final Thoughts

Buying TikTok followers may seem like an easy option, especially when they are as cheap as they are, but when you buy cheap you run the risk of damaging your account.

Not only will your engagement data be skewed, you will also see the fake followers drop off as quickly as they came, so you may as well buy the frap instead.

If you are serious about growing your TikTok account, invest in a growth service that is run by professionals and yields amazing results. Not only will they grow your account with real TikTok followers, but they will make sure your all-important follower-to-engagement ratio says intact.