TikTok logo is seen displayed on a phone screen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on November 13, 2019. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Here’s the Scoop on TikTok Automation

In this day and age, we’re all used to getting what we want, and very quickly, there isn’t a lot we have to wait for, but successfully growing out TikTok accounts is one of those things that takes time, especially if you want to do it properly.

Buying followers may seem like the fastest route to secure a collab with a brand or business, but it can damage your account irreparably, so here is TikTok automation, which is another way of growing your account without risking your reputation.

TikTok logo is seen displayed on a phone screen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on November 13, 2019. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Why Are Fake Followers Bad?

Fake followers are bad for your account in many ways, not only do other users see these accounts that follow you, they also damage your follower-to-engagement ratio. It is this ratio that TikTok uses when the algorithm decides whether or not to show your content to other users.

If your engagement ratio is low in comparison to your follower number, then TikTok will penalize you.

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What Is TikTok Automation?

TikTok Automation is a service that automates actions through your account to grow your following. TikTok automation services will like, comment, schedule posts and follow other accounts to increase the growth on yours.

When you configure an automation tool, you will be given a variety of options where you can input your target audience details.

There are options such as age, gender, and location. It helps to know who you want to attract to your account before you complete this section, but don’t worry, your strategy can be adjusted at any given point.

How Does Automation Grow My Account?

Once you have inputted your data points into the tool, the bot will then go and like, comment, and follow/unfollow any accounts that match these data points. As it will be interacting for you, the people interacting with your account will increase.

People like to be validated and when you validate someone, they will often return the favor. The tool will also follow accounts for a set amount of time before it unfollows them. This keeps your follow and follower ratio looking good and will attract more people to your feed as your account looks popular!

Manually growing TikTok accounts takes time and having a tool to complete actions on your behalf will free up more time for you to create content.

You can also be sure that the followers you are getting from using the tool are real, genuine TikTok users that want to see your content. You won’t get results as quickly as you would if you bought fake followers, but you can be sure that you won’t see the results drop off.

Fake accounts are regularly purged by TikTok, so most customers report seeing their numbers drop off within weeks of parting with their money, the worst part is that their follower-to-engagement ratio has been damaged in the process and this can’t be restored.

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Are Automation Tools Safe To Use?

When you set your tool, a warning will be issued about the number of actions that can be completed per day. The reason this is there is that TikTok will look for accounts that obviously have an automation tool attached to them.

To keep your account safe stay well within the daily action limit to make sure you don’t flag any algorithms, as long as you do this there is no reason why your account would be in any danger.

Final Thoughts on TikTok Automation

Buying TikTok followers may seem like a quick win, but in actual fact, it can do far more damage to your account. Not only will you see the follower numbers rapidly decline, it will also damage your follower-to-engagement ratio.

TikTok automation tools are an excellent way of growing your account safely and securely and are an option you have full control over.

You can adjust your growth strategy at the drop of a hat to reflect new trends and emerging demographics and you can be sure that the followers on your account are genuine and want to see your content.

When you set up your tool, make sure that you stay well within the limits of the daily actions that the tool suggests keeping your account safe.