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Ready to get the attention of your target audience without spending hours of your own time browsing through TikTok? TokUpgrade has developed the premier TikTok bot and automation service that works directly with your targeting filters, connecting you with your target audience and boosting your followers + engagements safely.

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TikTok Automation that Delivers

We do not mess around with fake or bot followers like many other companies do. Our TikTok bot is designed with the most advanced technology based on the TikTok algorithm. Most companies offer a TikTok bot that is wrought with outdated methods and software, which is not sustainable and doesn’t provide you with the real, active TikTok followers that you need to achieve your goals. Don’t waste your time using outdated methods, which also put your account at risk— try out TokUpgrade for free for 3 days so you can see just how simple it is to use this TikTok bot!


Advanced Targeting

You won’t ever have to worry about trying to find your target audience again— TokUpgrade’s TikTok bot does everything for you! Unlike free TikTok followers that are slapped on your account by other companies, TokUpgrade takes time and methodology to hone in on exactly the right users and bring them to your account. You’re likely to see more followers, more engagement, and a better reputation overall due to the advanced targeting filters that TokUpgrade implements. If you want real, beneficial TikTok growth, you’ve got it with TokUpgrade! With customized campaigns and auto-generated engagements, you’ll see follower growth like never before.

Beat the Competition

TokUpgrade’s TikTok bot can put your competition in the crosshairs and direct traffic to your TikTok account. Using the TokUpgrade TikTok bot can expand your reputation and give yourself a leg up over the accounts that are vying for the attention of the same users. What’s more, Influencers aren’t just for Instagram these days— there are tons on TikTok as well! When you want to harness the power of an influencer’s audience and attract them to your profile, you can use TokUpgrade TikTok tools to do exactly that. If you’re already an influencer, we can help you get in touch with more people in your target audience to expand your already successful follower base.


Create a Long-Lasting Strategy

TikTok isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you want to keep your TikTok growth on the rise in the long term! When you work with TokUpgrade’s TikTok bot, you will do exactly that— because we don’t mess around with fake or low-quality accounts, your real followers will help your account become more popular in the long term. Don’t waste your time with those companies that promise you free TikTok followers— they do nothing for your account. You want real, targeted TikTok growth, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from TokUpgrade.

Why Use TokUpgrade?

Real, Targeted Followers

You will gain real, targeted TikTok followers that will care about your content and form part of your target audience. You don’t have to worry about fakes, bots, or low-quality followers. TokUpgrade has developed a TikTok bot that uses the most effective targeting filters coupled with sophisticated AI technology in order to get you a strong, loyal TikTok audience.

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Organic Growth

Use our TikTok bot to interact with your target audience in authentic, natural ways— just as if you were doing it yourself. Automate straightforward interactions to keep your growth moving around the clock with engagements that mirror human behavior.

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Choose from two monthly plan options that will provide you with exactly the level of growth you need at a cost that doesn’t break the bank, and both get you access to our highly effective TikTok bot. You can access services at reasonable prices and you can cancel the service at any time.

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Increased Engagement

Say goodbye to posts with 2 likes and hello to real engagements and comments from your followers. Not only will your posts appear to be more popular, you will be getting attention from real users who like your content, giving you the loyal fan base that you’ve been working so hard to grow. Get in touch with the right users with TokUpgrade’s TikTok bot, and you can then create content that engages your followers, responds to their comments, asks them to participate, and more.

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Long-Term Strategy for TikTok Growth

TikTok growth is something that you want to keep generating over time, and you can do this by working with TokUpgrade’s organic method of growth. Through targeted engagements, you’ll consistently see real follower and engagement growth, which will generate more growth in the long term through the idea of social proof. If you want to keep growing, you’ve got to boost your reputation so that people can see why they should follow you and that you’re desirable by other people on TikTok.

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Customer Support

Having trouble finding the right targets? Need to reconnect your account? Confused about how something works? Don’t worry— TokUpgrade has you covered! Our team of support professionals are caring, responsive, and experts on TikTok automation. They will get you the answers you need, when you need them.

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Grow Your TikTok Like Never Before

Get real TikTok followers through your targeted TokUpgrade campaign. You’ll have more reach and your content will be under the eyes of the right users, growing your follower count and engagement rates like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TikTok Bot?

TikTok automation helps you to take the repetitive task of engaging with TikTok users within your target audience and puts those interactions on autopilot, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture— content creations, hashtags, trending topics and challenges, and more. TokUpgrade is able to do this through the advanced TikTok bot that utilizes this technology, compiling a campaign for your profile based on your targeting instructions. All that you’ll have to do after that is watch your follower count and engagements grow.

Will TokUpgrade work for me?

TokUpgrade is unique in that the service is totally customized to your account and needs. Whether you're a small business, a content creator, a huge corporation, an influencer, or an artist, TokUpgrade will tailor a campaign to your specific needs, delivering relevant and authentic results for your account! This implies that no matter what, we can work for you.

What Makes TokUpgrade Different?

TokUpgrade is different from other growth solutions on the market in that our top-of-the-line AI technology was built by skilled TikTok growth managers to deploy the most advanced targeting in the business, providing you 100% authentic and legitimate results. TokUpgrade consistently gains actual followers and engagement using a natural, organic interaction style.

Is TikTok automation safe?

You can be confident that any automation hosted by TokUpgrade is totally safe and consistent with the TikTok terms of service. Our services were designed to work in tandem with the TikTok algorithm, taking into account all engagement constraints and best practices. With TokUpgrade, you'll never have to worry about spam bots or out-of-date methods— we mimic human behavior and utilize actual human oversight to ensure you receive the best results for your account.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

The TikTok algorithm may appear sophisticated at first glance, but it's actually quite simple when broken down. TikTok collects information about users and their habits in order to create their content feed and present them with the most relevant and entertaining experience possible.

This means that your videos will either acquire priority in the user's feed or be buried away, limiting your reach, based on the following ranking indications. The algorithm will consider factors such as:

  • Time spent watching the video
  • Interactions and user behavior
  • Device and account settings, such as location, language, and so on.
  • Video information

Although all four have an effect, the first two are by far the most significant. You must demonstrate to TikTok that the user is interested in your material enough to view it in its entirety (or nearly so) and engage with it.

This means TokUpgrade can benefit you in a big way: not only will you receive more TikTok followers, but they'll be targeted to your profile and more likely to engage with your videos. That means you'll get more people to see your posts on a regular basis, boosting your long-term popularity.

True TikTok success requires a strong performance against the algorithm, which TokUpgrade can help you achieve.

How Can I Get More TikTok Followers and Likes?

If you’re looking for the best way to get more TikTok followers and likes, you’re in the right place. TokUpgrade will help save you time by completing the tedious tasks of identifying the perfect users in your target audience and engaging with them so that you can grow your follower count.

In fact, this is the most natural, organic, and proven method for growing your TikTok account, and through TokUpgrade, you can save your valuable time and allocate it for content creation, business tasks, cross promotion, or anything else that helps to deliver even more results.

In addition to using TokUpgrade, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get the highest number of TikTok followers and likes possible. Since our services are organic, what you do matters! Here are 5 strategies that will bring you higher results with TokUpgrade:

  1. Create content that is relevant, trending, and interesting for your specific audience base
  2. Use trending music and challenges in your video creation
  3. Make responses to comments in video form to generate more interest in your content overall and boost engagement
  4. Post your videos when a majority of your target audience is likely to be online
  5. Shoot your videos in captivating and entertaining ways using filters, music, text, transitions, etc.

Doing those five things can help TokUpgrade to deliver better results by captivating your audience and building you the loyal audience of engaged followers you deserve!