Task Ant Review: How My View of Hashtags Changed

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My Task Ant Review – How My View of Hashtags Changed

I have to admit it, I knew square zero about hashtags back in the day. This hadn’t stopped me from pretending the Instagram world was mine, in spite of my metrics not reflecting this success, of course.

What has changed? Seemingly not much, but actually a whole lot. I found Task Ant, the hashtag force that changed my Instagram forever.

What’s with Task Ant, though? My history with Task Ant goes as far as back as my hashtag use, and, frankly, it wasn’t anything special. I did hashtags like all self-taught influencers did (and thought they rocked it). The regular.

And hashtags are nothing regular. Sure thing, they might seem as irrelevant or decorative pieces of text to an untrained eye of a human, but in the eye of the Instagram mechanics they are either your entry tickets to halls of fame filled with large number of potential followers or your one-way ticket to the wasteland of wannabe-populars. But more on that later.

In any case, finding out about Task Ant changed my views on hashtags forever. Once I’ve seen how Task Ant handles hashtags and what it did to my reach and engagement rates, I’ve given up on every other means of handling them, either myself or by other software.

But how did Task Ant do it? Stay awhile and listen (well, read).

#1 Generating Hashtags

Task Ant - Instagram Hashtag Search

So, hashtags. Simple inscriptions to some, but powerful tools to others. Picking the right combination of hashtags can “magically” double your engagement rates

This is due to the simple fact that hashtags represent digital labels that help the algorithm sort out content and link what it thinks appropriate to users who show inclinations toward the content with such tags.

It goes another way around; users can explore given hashtags to find related content with the same hashtag, but again, the algorithm guides which content shows on the top and which shows far below the scrolling patience of most.

Drum-rolls for Task Ant. With hashtag generation being its specialty, Task Ant first accesses prominent hashtag libraries, then explores what’s best for your situation, and finally filters 40 relevant suggestions that will boost your reach far above anything you should reasonably get otherwise.

This is exactly what has happened with me. Tried it for the sake of experiment, was left baffled by the boost I got. At the point of writing this review I’m still a bit amazed each time it does that, to be frank, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been using it. 

#2 Hashtag Management

Task Ant - Finding Hashtags

Where I came for the boost, I stayed for the ease of management. Eons ago, I scribbled down hashtag ideas on pieces of paper or typed them out in occasional .doc files. Needless to say, I was regularly losing both.

Even if I weren’t losing them, it was still largely ineffective. Juggling with such repositories took ages. For every post. Need I mention I had the need of posting several times a day? Sometimes hourly?

Task Ant, the savior of my Instagram management, came and started handling my hashtag storage for me. It automatically memorized top-performing hashtag sets for me, provided ready space for my own hashtag cocktails, and allowed me to experiment with my collections. 

I ended up saving both the forests and my nerves, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It even saved me time to write this review!

#3 Strategy Insights

Task Ant Pricing

I’m a person of action, and I prefer to spend my time on important tasks. Strategizing is all fine and dandy, but doing it properly takes either extra time or extra salaries. Both of these I’d rather invest somewhere other than chores related to hashtag-posting on Instagram.

Praise Task Ant for requiring none, while doing better than most at planning my brand campaigns! Not only does it track my metrics regularly, but it also helps me by providing suggestions on future campaigns, all based by my performance up to that point.

The nifty software even scans my competition, as well as the rest of the market, to check for the secrets of their strategy!

Wanna hear a secret? I didn’t even know how bad I was at hashtags until I read Task Ant metrics. If it weren’t for it, I’d probably still randomly slap on hashtags like there’s no tomorrow. 

…and a Whole Lot More

Task Ant - hashtag generator

I could spend thousands of words of praise for Task Ant. I could laud its free 7-day trial. I could applaud the safety it commits to when it comes to handling your account. I could cite the positive reviews, compare its costs-effective ROI to other, much less optimized software, speak of the dedication of their customer support…

But I’ll do none of that. Honestly, there’s no need for that in this brief review.

Just click the link here and see for yourself. They’re that good. Well, at least for me! And for me, it’s the finest piece of hashtag software out there, period.

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