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How To Get Verified On TikTok in 2024 (Update)

With so many users on TikTok creating content on a daily basis, sometimes you want to know the people you are following are those that are creating it.

This is especially important when it comes to brands, celebrities, influencers, and other high-profile creators.

TikTok gives these high-profile creators a verified badge, like twitter and Instagram, so you can be sure that you are engaging with the real feed. But what does being verified do for your profile and how can you get verified on TikTok? 

Where Did The Crowns Go?

If you have been on TikTok before it was TikTok (previously, you’ll have noticed that their own verification mark was previously a crown. The crown very quickly became arcane when TikTok took over from the previous owners and they switched out to the verification mark that we see across other social media platforms.

These verification marks make sure that users know that they are watching and engaging with a celebrity or genuine feed from someone famous, rather than someone attempting to impersonate them.

A Two-Tier System

If a user previously had a crown, but they weren’t what TikTok classified as a celebrity, they were given a popular creator badge. This doesn’t mean that their account is verified in the same way as someone holding a blue tick, but it sets them high above other TikTok users.

On Twitter and Instagram, it seems that every man and his dog have a blue tick, so the importance of the verification has been lost. Whereas TikTok have out in a two-tier system so show that influencers do create popular content but they aren’t celebrity status. 

Why Do You Want To Be Verified?

A verified badge builds authority and trust with your audience. People are more likely to engage with users that display these badges as it also means they hold celebrity status.

Not only that, if you are verified, there is also the option of monetising your account and turning your TikTok hobby into a flourishing business opportunity. 

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How Do You Get Verified?


When it comes to getting verified on TikTok there are usually three categories that users fall into. 

  1. The user is famous, this could mean they are a musician or a sporting person
  2. They have been selected by TikTok. This is very rare, but TikTok can decide if someone needs to be verified. 
  3. The users consistently puts out exceptional content and is extremely popular on the platform. For want of a better phrase, they become TikTok famous. 


All of these factors have one underlying theme, to be verified, your account needs to be exceptionally popular. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to getting your account noticed, here are some tips for you. 



Engagement on TikTok is everything. It is what will get your account noticed by other users and it is the basis of growing your following. Find users that have similar interests to you and make similar content. If you aren’t sure where to start, refresh your feed and you’ll find that popular TikTok’s will be front and centre.

Chances are, if you like the clip, people with similar interests will also like the clip. Start following them, watching their videos to the end and giving them hearts. The more users you engage with on a daily basis, the more people will return the favour. Remember we said the verification tick is all about building trust and authority on the platform?

Well, this is how you start, you need to get your name out there for people to start noticing you and trusting you. If you don’t want your profile to look as though you are following more people than are following you, wait a few days and unfollow all the new accounts. This way your ratio looks good and it will attract more people to follow your feed. 



Content is king and you want to make sure you are putting in as much effort as possible, but you want to make sure that you are having fun.

The good thing about TikTok is that there is so much stuff going on, on a daily basis that you will never be short of ideas. When it comes to creating, think outside the box and don’t be scared to try something new.

When you go to shoot your content, small details like having the lighting just right can make all the difference. Make sure that your filming area is clean, so users don’t have to see the mess that is on the other side of the phone.

You also want to make sure that you look good, we don’t mean buy a new outfit for every video, but make sure your clothes are clean and fresh. The more aesthetically pleasing your content is, the better it will do on the platform. 



Like with anything in life, if you want good results, you need to be consistent and TikTok is no different. You need to be uploading at least one high quality video per day, so that your audience get used to seeing this content from you and look forward to it. Consistency can also refer to the effort that you put in when you create the content.

You need to make sure that all of your content is well curated, well edited and looks the part. If you think at any point in time you won’t have time to make a video to upload, make sure you have backups. If you find yourself at a loss for something to do one morning, make a string of TikTok videos that you can use when you aren’t able to make any. This way you will always be able to upload content and keep your feed in the mind of your audience. 



One of the best ways to get your name out there is to collaborate. If you have a friend that has a few thousand TikTok followers or there is an influencer in your community that you want to work with, reach out.

These collaborations can get your content and profile in front of people who may not have necessarily seen it otherwise. Don’t worry if your first choice of collaborator says no, there are plenty out there that will want to work with you, you just need to be consistent! 

Final Thoughts

Verification can open up many doors on TikTok but getting there can be a long road in 2024. The main feature of verified accounts is that they have a lot of followers that watch their content. To start down the path of verification you need to build your following. There are many ways that you can do this but the key to it is being consistent.

Consistently follow other users and engage with their content and in return, they will do the same for you. Make sure your content is high quality, creative and well edited, you’ll find that users will start looking forward to your posts.

You can also ask other users to collaborate, that way your profile will get in front of other users that may not have seen your content before. All of these actions will help build your following on TikTok and start you down the road to getting that coveted blue tick. 

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