11 Best TikTok Bots You Need To Know About in 2020

11 Best TikTok Bots That Still Work in 2024

Everyone wants to be famous – yesterday.

SantaCruzSentinel explains, how using a TikTok bot is the quickest way to get there, but often it can be challenging to find the best TikTok bot.

2019 saw TikTok excel in growth, eat up market share and overtake Snapchat and Twitter in terms of userbase. With Instagram now on the horizon, you don’t want to be left in the wake of your market moving over to TikTok and not have a presence on the platform.

Best TikTok Bots

Whether you simply don’t have the time to manage more social media accounts or don’t know where to begin to grow your TikTok, here are the very best TikTok bots that can help.

TokUpgrade – Best TikTok Bot

Tokupgrade - Best TikTok Bot

Tokupgrade provides you with a fully managed TikTok growth service that will get your account noticed. The algorithm that Tokupgrade deploys is a closely guarded secret, but it is one that yields consistent results that compound over time.

Recommended heavily by Jeff Bullas, Tweak Your Biz, and Quantum Marketer, Tokupgrade allows you to choose your market niche down to microdata points that will increase traffic and interest in your content.

All you need to do is set up your account and they will be in touch to discuss which market you are attempting to embed yourself in and how they will go about doing it, from there you can watch your TikTok account take off.



Toksocial.com provides customers with a state-of-the-art TikTok service that will excel your growth with a few simple steps. They don’t engage with bot accounts and you can be sure that your TikTok followers will reflect the categories that you selected when you configured the service to match your needs.

The service provides you with a seamless entry into TikTok bots with your own dedicated account manager who will provide you with the best strategy to grow your account. This product is ideal for someone who doesn’t have the time to manage multiple accounts and wants a team of professionals to lead the way.

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant is an analytical based service that allows you to use the best to use hashtags in order to give you the biggest exposure. You can easily identify hashtags based on a difficulty score, save time and reach users organically with techniques that will keep your account safe.

When going premium you get access to a dashboard that will allow you to access a range of tools to monitor your profile performance, while researching your competitors, unleash the power of hashtags and save time researching using this premium service. Getting started is easy!



If you have configured a bot before then trying out a new one for TikTok won’t be as daunting. Some customers may not have the time to self-manage a TikTok bot, but others prefer this type of service. Jeffery.com provides customers with an easy to digest platform and dashboard that will help them configure the service to match their needs.

The bot’s actions are reflective of the information that the users have entered, so the results will only ever match this. You can really work on your targeting with Jeffery and it shows you what is and isn’t working with smooth analytics, from there you can make changes to adjust your strategy.



Autotokker utilise a TikTok bot that follows the tried and tested method of follow/unfollow. This organically attracts more users to your feed and grows your account through validation. Autotokker is easy to use and easy to set up, you are able to target your growth and the communities you want to market to and can go back and adjust these data points at any time.

The follow/unfollow method does have its draw backs in that it is a slower organic growth method than strategies that offer other types of engagement as well. If you want a service to run in the background whilst you get on developing content, it is a good option but don’t expect huge results instantly.



Quikflok TikTok bot works on mimicry, when you set it up, you link it to accounts that reflect your own and then it sets to work engaging with the followers that engage with these popular accounts.

This bot is only as good as the content you are making it requires your content to mimic the big accounts related to your field in order to work effectively. If you are trying to promote a niche or a new market, this bot won’t be successful in growing your audience as it may not have one established yet. It is relatively easy to use, but the bot is limited in terms of offering real tangible results.



Ektor is the original TikTok bot and provides users with a well-established platform and algorithm to apply to their account. If you don’t want a fully managed growth service,

Ektor provide you with a platform where you can develop, building and deploy your growth strategy yourself. If you have’t configured a TikTok bot prior to this and aren’t sure where to start, Ektor provide you with good instructions and analytics so you can see which approaches are or aren’t working.

Detailed targeting helps you reach new accounts and new markets that may not have been penetrable before. If you have the time to run automation where you are in control and can make changes when you need to, Ektor is a good option for you.



TheVire utilise a queuing system to automate actions that they say will increase traffic through to your TikTok account. Whilst it isn’t a TikTok bot as such, it is a growth service that relies on their team making interactions on your behalf on accounts that represent your target market and key demographic.

TheVire utilise all aspects of audience engagement to grow your account organically, but don’t provide statistics relating to growth expectations. IT seems they provide a full management service and work within the limits set by TikTok to ensure that your account doesn’t get banned, but information is limited.



Tokgrowth provides customers with a fully managed service that will organically grow their account. They seem to have a good working knowledge of TikTok’s algorithm and promote sustainable growth that wont get your account shadow banned. Like the higher end growth services, they also provide their customers with 24/7 support and customer service.

A managed service such as this is should be the one customer choose if they don’t have the time to configure a bot or other automation tool.

However, there are limits to Tokgrowth capability, the algorithm seems to work solely on the hashtags you select that you think your audience will be utilising, without targeted information such as age range, gender and location, you are trying to build a following based solely on use of hashtags, which has limited results.



Trendgrow are a fully managed service that promises to explode the growth on your account. Whilst it seems to deploy an organic and targeted strategy, be wary of any provider that claims to know the intricate workings of TikTok’s algorithm, as the only people that really know this are TikTok. There are no real details in terms of how they work, if they use targeting, engagement or other type of regularly seen growth strategy.



Instamber has a proven track record with Instagram bots and they may well switch this tried and tested strategy to TikTok. Currently, they don’t provide a working TikTok bot service, but they offer a fully managed Instagram package, even down to post scheduling, so you can make sure you focus on what is important; content.

They do offer services that allow you to buy Tik Tok followers and likes, but this is ill-advised, as doing this on TikTok can result in your account getting banned and deleted for going against their terms of service. We’ll wait and see if Instamber enters into the TikTok bot market.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an established influencer or a brand that is yet to make a statement on TikTok, growing your account has never been so easy.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to use manage a TikTok bot yourself, invest in a growth service that will do all the hard work for you.

Don’t expect instant results overnight, as tried and tested growth services offer an organic strategy that starts slow but the results compound over time.

They will also be aware of the limits that TikTok sets in place when it comes to the number of actions that can be undertaken on an account in a day.

If you are paying for a TikTok bot or growth service, pay for one where the people that run it are experts in what they do and have the ability to adapt to user trends and changes in terms and conditions.

TikTok Bot

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