Best TikTok Tools This Year

Best TikTok Tools

Best TikTok Tools This Year

Unless you haven’t had any internet connection for the last 12 months, you’ll now how much TikTok has blown up over this time.

Not only are people moving over to it in droves as it offers a more authentic view of people’s everyday lives, the amount influencers can make on TikTok far surpasses other social media platforms.

Whether you are brand, business or influencer looking to start on TikTok or just increase their following, it can take a lot of time to grow and gain a new audience and if you are already involved on other social media platforms, the idea of having to start afresh can be daunting.

Best TikTok Tools (2020)

Thankfully there are now a plethora of TikTok tools that can help you start on TikTok the right way and put your growth on a stable upward trajectory, but what are the best tools available to you?

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Firmly in first place is TokUpgrade and for good reason. TokUpgrade was one of the first TikTok growth services available and they offer their users a comprehensive managed service that you can set and leave. What makes TokUpgrade stand out over the others is their intricate working knowledge of TikTok, which all their account managers put into their customers strategies on a daily basis.

When you first sign up to TokUpgrade, you will be contacted by your own dedicated account manager who will help you set up your service. Before you sign up, it will be worth thinking about who your target audience is and who you would like to connect to as you will be asked detailed questions about this by your account manager.

From there they will begin growing your account. The multipronged strategy ensures maximum growth for your account, unlike other services they don’t just focus on one avenue. TokUpgrade utilise the follow/unfollow methodology, hashtags, locations and engagement. All these works together to produce a cohesive organic growth strategy that will see your account grow at a sustainable rate.

You don’t need to worry about the security of TokUpgrade, they are one of the few services that offer customers end to end encryption and ensure the safety of your account. Furthermore, using TokUpgrade won’t put your account at risk, as they are aware of the limits imposed by TikTok therefore will not put daily actions over them. This results in a safe and secure platform that you can trust.


If TokUpgrade isn’t for you, Toksocial might be. TokSocial provides users with a well-designed and useable interface that allows you to track your growth and see what strategies are working well and where. Like Tokupgrade, when you sign up your dedicated account manager will contact you and start developing your strategy.

What makes TokSocial an effective TikTok growth companion is their understanding of TikTok’s algorithm and how to work with it rather than against it. This ability to work with the algorithm gives users a sense of account security, as you won’t have your account banned or removed for deploying a growth service.

Unlike other growth services, Toksocial has advanced targeting that can really help you narrow down your target market and demographic which will help you grow your audience. You can change these within the platform to make ad hoc adjustments on the go if you notice an area isn’t performing as well as expected or you want to change when who you are targeting.

What sets Toksocial apart from other growth services is the sustainable growth rate it provides its customers with. Buying followers looks appealing, but this is a short term move that may not necessarily add much value to your account if you want to engage with a genuine audience.

TikTok works on the follower/engagement ratio, the more followers you have the more engagement is expected on your account and engagement holds more value than followers. When you deploy toksocial to help grow your account, you are making sure that your follower to engagement ration is maintained and will naturally increase. By using toksocial to manage your growth, you can be sure that the accounts that start following you are from genuine users who enjoy seeing your content.

Media Mister


Whether you have just set up your TikTok and you are looking for a head start or just want to bolster your follower numbers quickly, Media Mister can provide you with the solution. Media mister provide their customers with high quality followers that can be put onto their account almost instantly. As they have been in operation for a long time across an array of platforms, they know what type of followers are best for each account.

What makes media mister stand out from other providers is the ability to purchase fans as well as hearts. We have previously mentioned the follower to engagement ratio for TikTok and we believe that this is one the primary algorithms that helps get your content seen in the same way as it does for Instagram.

With this in mind, when you are purchasing fans, you want to make sure that you are also purchasing hearts. You can purchase hearts without purchasing fans in order to push up your engagement rate, but if you are looking to grow your account exponentially, you will need to purchase both at a relatively even level to ensure the best follower to engagement ratio.

Media Mister provides you with the ability to choose your package which also automatically spreads the distribution of hearts and followers over a set period. Not only does this ensure that your account remains within the safe amount actions per day, it also makes sure it doesn’t flag any of TikTok’s algorithms to your activity, making sure your account isn’t disabled or deleted.



FollowersUp provides customers who are looking to grow their account quickly with an exceptionally comprehensive service comprising of fans, hearts, shares and views. All these factors work together to give your account the maximum reach and visibility.

Like Media Mister, the more services you purchase from them, the longer it will take to have them delivered to your account, whilst some people may see this as problematic, it is a way of keeping your account safe and secure.

FollowersUp offers a cheaper service than media mister, but that could be down to the quality of followers they are providing. There is no option to buy targeted followers, so it is a get what you are given situation.

This option is ideal for someone who is looking to grow their account quickly and isn’t too bothered about having a targeted following. If you are looking for a targeted following this may not be the best course of action for your account as you won’t be guaranteed to reach the audience that you want to.

Jeffery (Defunct)

Try Jeffery

If you don’t want a fully managed growth service and buying followers and likes isn’t something that you want to do, then Jeffery can give you another option of how you can grow your TikTok account. Unlike the aforementioned products, Jeffery is an automation tool that you configure and run yourself with data points that you have set. It is a service that you control and can make changes anytime you want to.

Whether you have used automation tools before or you want to give it a go, Jeffery is an excellent starting point. The user interface is smooth and easy to operate, and it gives you clear guidance on how to set it up to maximise your efforts.

Jeffery uses the tried and tested follow/unfollow methodology which will help you gain and retain new fans whilst keeping the number you are following low. You will need to make sure that you remain within the actions per day limit of TikTok, so make sure you follow Jeffery’s guidance on this and stay within these to keep your account safe.

What makes Jeffrey one of the best automation tools available to you is the smart targeting. You can really home in on the demographic you are wanting to engage with and if it seems like your approach isn’t working, you can change your strategy at a drop of a hat.

The analytics dashboard is easy to understand and use and will give you a good oversight into how your strategy is performing and what adjustments need to be made, if any. You also don’t need to be concerned about account security, as you are the one managing the tool, no details are passed over to an account manager or third party.

Final Thoughts

Growing your TikTok account doesn’t have to be difficult or laborious, there are an array of products and services that are available to you to help you achieve your TikTok goals. Prior to signing up for a product, it is worth making a detailed assessment of what your goals are, if you are looking for a targeted following, that represents your market segment, then a either a fully managed service like TokUpgrade or TokSocial would be the best option for you, or if you wanted full control, then Jeffery.

If you are looking to quickly boost your account, media mister and FollowersUp can help you do just that, but they won’t provide you with the strategic targeting of other providers. All these services will help you grow your account and you will be able to set them and then forget them, so you can get back to what really matters and that’s creating the content your audience want to see.

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