How To Add A Link In Your TikTok Bio

How To Add A Link In Your TikTok Bio (Quick Guide)

It might seem like relatively un newsworthy story, but at the end of February 2020 TikTok’s update is now allowing users to add links into their bios.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months, you would have heard about how this new app is taking Gen Z by storm and is the up and coming platform of 2020.

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So why is a link in a bio so important and how do you go about adding one? Don’t worry, we have all the answers here.

How Do I Add A Link?

If you look at the old TikTok there was no room for a link on your profile page, now with the latest update they have allowed you to add one in there, and it is really easy and straight forward to do! The link will be places under the follow message bar and just above your TikTok grid, so it isn’t going to impact on the flow of your page.

Open The App

Firstly, you will want to open the TikTok app, from here you will go to your profile and you may see the website box between the bio and the Instagram boxes.

Don’t worry if you can’t see it just yet, this feature hasn’t been rolled out to all users just yet and it seems that people on IOS handsets haven’t been in the first phase.

If you can see the box there, just copy and paste your website link into it. It really is as simple as that. Now you will see your URL displayed on your profile which will allow curious people to click through to your website.

Why Is This Important For Current Users?

Businesses and brands are notoriously behind the curve when it comes to adopting social media and getting with the latest platforms. By being able to add a link in, it suggests that TikTok is starting to gear up for an influx of brands and businesses on the platform.

Some users may think that this may dilute the content and bring it back to being more like Instagram, but we don’t think this is the case.

If you are an influencer, or have aspirations to be an influencer, this is a really positive step. By gearing up to get ready for businesses and brands to become more involved in the app, it means there are more opportunities for users that are already on there.

The chances of more collaborations and sponsored content vastly increases and as influencers are already paid more for their content on TikTok than they are on Instagram, it could be a really profitable move.

Why Is This Important For Creators and Businesses?

TikTok is full of amazing videographers and creatives alike, but it is difficult for them to measure the impact of their creations without being able to assess any metrics. By allowing a URL to a website, creators can now directly correlate TikTok visibility to click throughs to their website.

Not only will help creators and businesses measure the impact of their content, it will also help increase the quality of the content and app as a whole.

The more businesses, brands and high level creators that involved in the app, the more features you can expect to see on the platform, therefore it will keep evolving and continue to be interesting and fun for all users.

Final Thoughts

Adding a link box may seem like a relatively innocuous addition or feature, but it is reflective of TikTok growing and looking to engage with larger brands and businesses. Once businesses start moving towards the app, you’ll see an increase in the features that are available to you and the quality of the content will also increase.

Adding a link isn’t difficult at all, and if you are in the first wave or roll out, you will be able to do this straight away. Don’t worry if you’re not, as this feature will be available to all soon!

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