How To Get More TikTok Views

How To Get More TikTok Views in 2024 (Real & Easy)

When it comes to social media currency, none are more valuable than TikTok views, its a vital part of increasing your engagement.

The way in which the TikTok algorithm works means that it is video views that get your content pushed in front of other users which will help grow your following.

When TikTok assesses your content, it looks to see how many times your video was watched in full by other users, the higher this percentage is, the more TikTok will push it onto other users, thus increasing your reach further.

If you are just starting out on TikTok or your views aren’t what you expected them to be, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Why Are TikTok Views Important?

We’ve all become used to the Instagram way of doing things, upload a photo, get likes and comments, and increase your following. TikTok has changed the way that engagement affects your ratios and puts far more onus on completed videos.

When you put new content up on TikTok, it will push it onto users who they think will like your content, from there the algorithm works out what percentage of people have watched your video all the way through and how many re-watches you have achieved.

If your completion rate is low and people scroll through your content without completing it, TikTok will stop pushing your new content onto others. This is why it is so vital to get your TikTok videos as good as possible, to keep your audience engaged.  

Here are all the things you can do to make sure you get those all important views. 

Complete Your Profile 

TikTok views

It may sound like a relatively uninteresting point, but a well-constructed and complete profile can draw people to you, especially when it reflects you and the content you post. Consider what types of videos you’ll be posting and make your profile reflective of this.

TikTok is a very community-based platform with a variety of subcultures on there, one of the best ways to increase your views on TikTok is to embed yourself in one of these communities and one of the best ways to do this is to complete your profile. 

Interact With Other Users 


We can’t underplay the importance of engaging with other users, as these are who you want to view your content. Keep checking out the for your page section, as these videos are chosen by TikTok to see if you like them.

The more you engage with others, the more they will return the favour by engaging with your content and watching videos. All of these factors work together to create ideal ratios that will get your content out in front of other users. 

Collaborate With Other Users 

Tiktok collaboration

Collaboration is one of the best ways to stack up those views on TikTok and really get your content noticed by others. When you are choosing who to collaborate with, make sure they reside in the same community or subculture that you do as this will draw in more of a following as people will like your content.

When choosing who to collaborate with, select someone with an already well-established following who can increase your standing, this may be hard, as they are probably being asked by other users, but be persistent.

Look Good  

Tiktok Selfie

You don’t need to buy a new outfit for every video that you make but looking fresh does help. Make sure your clothes are clean, stains aren’t flattering!

You don’t need to freshly iron your shirt but keep yourself neat. If you want to put makeup on for your content, do it, but make sure you blend and if you think you have finished blending, you haven’t blend some more! 

High Quality Videos

Tiktok Creative

When we talk about high quality videos we aren’t just talking about the quality of your camera. When you are putting together a video you need to curate it as much as you would an Instagram post. Make sure the lightening is flattering and consistent, not only will it make you look good, it will also add extra depth to your video.

If you can’t achieve natural consistent lighting, place a light in front of you but behind the camera, this way you can chose how your light looks and change the softness of it. It is also worth thinking about what is in shot when you are taking your video. You don’t want your background to be a messy room or show a pile of unfolded and dirty clothes.

Finally, edit your content well, whilst TikTok does have inhouse features that enable you to edit, there is no reason as to why you can’t use any app that you want to. Keep the cuts clean and make sure that the music is clear. It is small details like this that will make all the difference to your content and make people watching it take your videos seriously. 

Be Creative

Tiktok App

With TikTok challenges, you may find that there is a lot of similar content out there, especially on your page, so you need to make yourself stand out.

People want to see fresh creative content and it may be hard to come up with ideas and think outside the box, but it will definitely be worth doing. The more innovative and out there your content, the higher the chance of people watching your video to the end and that is the important metric. 


TikTok Hashtags

If views are the most important currency in building your following, hashtags are the most important when it comes to getting your content in front of people. Hashtags are how your content is organised into TikTok and how people can search for videos relating to their interests.

When you use hashtags, you want to make sure that you are using the most relevant ones to ensure that your content matches them. People are pretty unforgiving when it comes to users jumping on hashtags that have nothing to do with their content and this can actually damage your important ratios.

You need to make sure that when people watch your content, they watch it all the way to the end. The more users complete your video, the better TikTok will rank it. So, if you start using hashtags that aren’t relevant to your content, TikTok will downgrade your video and stop pushing it onto other users. 

Upload Content Daily 


When you are first starting out on TikTok, uploading new content daily won’t seem like a chore, but later on it might. You need to make sure that you are consistent with your presence on TikTok and that means new content on a daily basis. Trends and challenges move exceptionally quickly on TikTok and new ones emerge at the drop of a hat, so you want to make sure that you are involved in them.

It is always worth having a few spare videos that you hold back that are edited and ready to go, this is to make sure that you can consistently post even when you don’t have the time to create new content. 


Tiktok Music

Music choice is everything on TikTok, the entire social media platform has been built for it, so you want to make sure that your music choice not only reflects the video you are posting, but it is also on-trend. Another thing to consider prior to uploading your content is how well you have edited it.

If the edit is poor and the music is low quality, you’ll find people will scroll past and not complete the viewing cycle, which will stop later content being shown to other users. 

Cross Platform Reach

Tiktok Cross Platform

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’re Instagram and Facebook too. Make the most of your other social media platforms and share your TikTok content on there.

You’ll find that people that didn’t know you have a TikTok account will search for you and watch your content, thus increasing your reach. You don’t need to do this all of the time, but it can help you grow your presence on the platform. 

Final Thoughts

TikTok has built its algorithm off the back of TikTok views. The more TikTok views you get on your content, the more followers you will gain as TikTok will show your videos to more users.

You can, of course, buy TikTok views. However, if you don’t have the cash then there are other ways to get more views – it just takes a bit more effort on your part.

Make sure that you have considered how you are going to create your video prior to filming, a well thought out and curated video will go a long way on the platform.

Along with the main editing, make sure that you have considered what hashtags you are going to use when you upload the content. Second to views, the hashtags are one of the most important ways to get your content out there and noticed.  

Finally, make sure that you are fun when creating the content, get inventive and creative to make sure that you stand out from everyone else. This way, you will gain TikTok followers that look forward to when you release new material, as they have come to expect your high standard. 

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