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TikTok Statistics 2024: How Many People Are on TikTok? (Breaking)

TikTok has experienced a meteoric rise in the past couple of years and even more so in 2024.

While it might have its headquarters in China, it’s proven to be hugely popular with the Western market, with the states, being one of its biggest demographics. The platform has changed a lot over the last few years, especially since it used to be known as Musical.ly.

What’s pretty interesting about TikTok is that it’s not that forthcoming about statistics around its rise, or about its parent company, Bytedance.

However, with such a crowded industry, it’s not hard to crunch the numbers and figure out what’s going on.

Summary of TikTok Statistics

  • TikTok users spend 500 minutes on the platform per month
  • 23% of internet users have used TikTok or watched it
  • Entertainment is TikTok’s biggest category
  • It is the 2nd most downloaded free app
  • More than 119 million people have TikTok in India
  • There are more than 400 million users in China
  • 1.1 billion people use TikTok
  • Bytedance is worth at least $78 billion

Top TikTok Statistics

Let’s take a look at some TikTok statistics that we think are really going to surprise you.

TikTok Users Spend Almost 500 Minutes a Month on the App

Statista has said that US TikTok users spend as much as 500 minutes per month on the app. This is only second behind Facebook.

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23% of People on the Internet Have Used or Seen a TikTok Video

In a Statista survey in 2019, 23 percent of people said that they had seen a TikTok video, or used the app. This number has only gotten bigger as more people have been forced inside due to COVID.

This is pretty impressive considering only a couple of years ago nobody had even heard of TikTok. In, fact, its meteoric rise is almost unprecedented, and it’s difficult to imagine that another app is going to come out and eclipse these kinds of stats anytime soon.

Entertainment is the Biggest Category

According to hashtag views, the biggest category on TikTok is entertainment. We are assuming that this category includes all of those lip-syncing videos that first propelled TikTok into stardom. In second place are pranks, and in third is sports and fitness, with most wanting to buy TikTok followers.

This stat comes as no surprise considering the vast majority of people who use TikTok fall into generation Z or are millennials. While there are brands on there trying to expand their audience and make it possible to connect with the younger market, at the end of the day the biggest reason that people are using TikTok is to be entertained.

4th Most Popular Free Apps Download for iPhone

Monthly app downloads vary greatly, but in 2019 TikTok took fourth place.

2nd Most Popular Free Apps Download for all Devices

In 2019, TikTok was the second most popular free app download, period. The first? WhatsApp.

We all know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, so this stat shouldn’t surprise you – but we are pretty impressed to see that TikTok had surpassed the Facebook app itself, as well as the Facebook messenger app. Again, this goes to show that the app has made a huge name for itself, and will continue to do so in the future.

154 Countries


TikTok is currently available in more than 141 countries, and counting.

This is helpful to know if you are a brand that is trying to get in front of your target audience on TikTok. The more you know about where your audience is located in the world, the better.

This means that you can optimize your TikTok content strategy to find those people and put your content in front of them, so they are more likely to engage.

Most Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post

Social Media Engagement Rates

TikTok has a higher number of engagements per post when compared with other popular social networks.

119 Million Strong in India

There are an impressive 199 million people in India who currently use TikTok.

There has been a little bit of controversy over TikTok being in India, as it has been banned completely from the country in the past. However, things look like they are on the mend, and it seems as if people have wasted on time in getting back on the app and making the most of it. We expect to see this number grow in the coming years, too.

Very Popular in Asian Countries

Yes, TikTok is popular in America, but it’s also popular in Asian countries, where it has seen the most growth.

400 Million Users in China

While these are mostly on the Douyin version of TikTok, 400 million from one country is still an impressive amount.

This stat is no surprise, considering TikTok originated in China. This means that if you have people within your target market that is located in China, then there is a good chance that you are going to be able to connect with them if you focus on optimizing your TikTok content.

800 Million Users Around the World

An unbelievable 800 million people around the world currently use TikTok.

Most Downloaded App on Google Play

In late 2018, TikTok finally took the number one position as the number one downloaded app on Google Play in America.

Up to $1B Purchase Price

While nobody has ever publicly admitted how much TikTok is worth, and how much Bytedance paid to take over Musical.ly, it is estimated to be in the region of 1 billion.

39 Languages

TikTok is truly an international app, hosting more than 39 languages on its platform.

Again, this stat is helpful if you are trying to figure out who you need to be targeting. You might be focused on America right now and English-speaking members of your demographic, but you might also have people in Europe and Asia that are interested in your brand and want to connect with you. The good news is that because TikTok is available in so many languages, you can.

Took 200 Days to Get Off the Ground

It took TikTok developers 200 days to create the original version of TikTok and Douyin.

We think that this stat shows stamina and a willingness to go at breakneck speed.

1 Million Video Views a Day

In the first year of being an app alone, TikTok received 1 million video views a day.

40 Million Followers

Loren Gray

Loren Gray, a popular American social media personality and singer now has TikTok’s most followed account outside of China, with an eyewatering 40 million followers.

More than 50 Million Fans

Currently, Dilmurat holds the Douyin record for the most fans, with more than 50 million.

Musical.ly Launched in 2014

TikTok might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but its predecessor, Musical.ly, first got its start all the way back in 2014.

TikTok Launched Two Years Later

It’s hard to believe that TikTok has been around for four years now, but it has been. Douyin was officially launched in 2016, and TikTok in 2017.

Almost 2 Biliion Installations

TikTok has been installed in almost 2 billion devices since its inception, or 1.9 billion to be exact.

Over $3 Million Monthly Earnings

TikTok’s revenue has risen sharply as it has gotten more popular. Currently, it is slated to bring in a whopping $3.5 million every month.

20% of Profit from the States

20% of TikTok’s revenue comes from America. China brings in 69%.

$50 Million on TikTok

Users have spent $50 million on TikTok as of October 2018.

90% of TikTok Apps on Android

More than 90% of TikTok downloads have been on Android devices. The only exception to this is in the states, where there are more iOS users.

Majority of TikTok Users Use it More Than Once a Day

In fact, the official numbers are nine out of ten users. This means that users are loyal and keep returning to the app.

Ranked Sixth in India for Video Players

TikTok has been ranked on SimilarWeb as number six in India for being a free video player.

46 Million Installs in America

46 Million US Installs

There have been 46 million installs of the popular social media sharing app in 2019.

Engagement Rate Over 50%

There are many ways to calculate engagement rate, but one way indicates that TikTok users get 52.1% engagement on their content. Of course, this rate varies greatly on the size of your following.

In-App Spending up 500%

There has been a 500% increase in in-app spending since 2018.

Most American Users Between 18-24

25.8% of American users fall within the age bracket of 18 to 24, which means that the majority of TikTok users in general are young.

32. More Than 60% Watch Other Videos


As well as creating their own content, 68% of TikTok users watch other people’s videos.

More Than 60% Like Others’ Videos

More than 63% of TikTok users like other people’s videos.

More Than 60% Follower Someone Regularly

63% of TikTok users have followed someone new in the last month.

More Than 50% Uploaded a Video Recently

55% of TikTok users uploaded a video to their feed in the last month.

More Than 50% Commented on a Video

54% commented on a video that wasn’t theirs in the last month.

More Than 40% Uploaded a Duet Video

43% of TikTok users created a duet video with someone else in their community recently.

More than 1 Million Daily Page Views

TikTok as a website reached 1 million views in early 2019.

High Alexa Ranking

TikTok is ranked 421 on Alexa’s ranking website. This means that it is the 421th viewed website around the world.

More Than 500 Million Views for #thinblueline

Hashtags like #thinblueline have received more than 500 million views, or 530.1 million views to be exact.

More than 100 Million Downloads Just in February

In February 2020, TikTok received more than 113 million downloads for the month.

More than 300 Million App Installs in India

In 2019, there were 323 million installs of TikTok’s app in India.

Almost 50% of teenagers have used TikTok

49% of teenagers around the world have used TikTok, with only 9% claiming to be from America.

Bytedance Worth Billions

Bytedance is currently valued at $78 billion.

Indian Ban Cost the App a Lot

15 million new users, to be exact. When India decided to ban the app, TikTok lost 15 million new subscribers. The ban didn’t last long, but the setback was felt for longer.

TikTok Users Making Good Money

More than 37% of American TikTok users say that they live in a household that makes more than $100,000. However, it is also popular with lower-income families.

TikTok Used by More Females


TikTok is used by 2 million more females than males in America.

Use is More Balanced in Japan

Both genders use TikTok relatively equally in Japan, especially when compared with the United States.

Indian Users Mostly Male

The majority of Indian TikTok users are male.

More Than 70% of TikTok Users Active End of 2019

74% of TikTok users were active in December 2019, a busy time of year.

TikTok Users Are Getting Older with the App

TikTok is really popular with teens, but these teens are aging with the app. They aren’t losing interest in it – they are growing with it, which is interesting.

Families Make up Big Demographic

Families on the Chinese version, Douyin are 460,000 strong and show things from everyday life to the births of their children, and weddings.

Husky Most Popular Dog

The most popular type of dog to be featured on Douyin in 2019 was the husky.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – a long list of fascinating TikTok statistics and facts that you probably didn’t know about. How often do you use TikTok, and what kind of videos do you like to upload?


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